Aero Sports in India

There is a hidden desire in all of us to fly like a bird and aero sports give life to precisely this wish of ours. Aero sports have gained famed all over the world and India, too, attracts a whole bunch of aero sports lovers every year.

Aero sports in India takes the form of paragliding, para sailing, hang gliding, hand gliding and hot air ballooning. Each is different from the other in one way or the other yet the basic intention is the same - to provide you that feeling of exhilaration while you soar above in the sky like a free soul.

The destination for aero sports in India range from the hilly to coastal regions and from plains to desert regions. This means that you have an opportunity to enjoy a bird's eye view of the vast expanse of blue sea, sandy desert and high mountain ranges, as per your wishes. You also get an opportunity to fly over and watch the cities as they move by in usual manner.

The risk involved while indulging in aero sports, except in perhaps hot air ballooning, is great and it is the same in India. You need to be physically fit and mentally prepared to enjoy any kind of activity in the air. As for the best time to enjoy aero sports in India, it is worth noting that the varied topography and climatic zone has made the country an year round aero sports destination. Moreover, there is no prior permission required to take up aero sports in India, except for in some restricted areas.

So, if you nurture a desire to soar above in the sky, aero sports in India is definitely one of the best pick for you. Take it up and get ready to be enthralled.

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