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    Tourist Places in Kodaikanal

    Bryant Park

    Bryant Park

    The Bryant Park is located to the east of the Kodai lake, is a beautifully maintained botanical garden. This park was created by a forest officer from Madurai, Bryant H. D. and named after him. The speciality of this park is, it has 720 varieties of roses, Eucalyptus tree and Bodhi tree are the highlights of this Park. Also Park officals will orgainze flower show every year in the season time.

    Coaker's Walk

    It is a narrow pedestrian path, constructed by Lt. Coaker in 1872, a one kilometer mountain road which runs along the edge of steep slopes on the southern side of Kodai road which is 1/2km away from Kodai......Read more...

    Pillar Rocks

    Pillar Rock

    These 400 feet tall rocks are located 7 kms from Kodaikanal city. They are actually rocks which stand together. This is one of the major tourist spot in Kodaikanal. One can get the best view of sunset and the glittering Kodai city from this point.

    Pine Forest

    Pine Forest

    Pine forest is one among the preserved treasure of Kodaikanal which would mesmerize the tourists by its ambience. Pine trees standing tall and erect, so tall, they seem to pierce into the skies. All you can hear is the rustle of the leaves, the whispers of the wind and the deafening silence.

    Guna caves

    Guna Caves

    Guna caves, made popular by the Tamil movie Guna, previously called Devil’s Kitchen, are deep bat-infested chambers between the three gigantic boulders that are the Pillar Rocks. The deep narrow ravines of the caves are now closed to public due to the tragic deaths of twelve youths there. These dangerous caves are highly protected now, and tourists can see sections of the cave system from afar.

    Dolphin's Nose

    Dolphin's Nose, 8 kilometers (5 mi) from the bus stand, is flat rock projecting over a breathtaking chasm 6,600 feet deep. It is an undisturbed area 1 kilometers (1 mi) down a very steep rocky trail beginning soon after Pambar Bridge. Orange juice vendors along the trail offer a welcome rest stop. Beautiful views of steep rocky escarpments rising from the plains can be seen. The old village of Vellagavi can be reached through a rugged bridle path here. A short paved walkway leads from the road here to Pambar falls which is also locally addressed as Liril Falls.

    Bear Shola Falls

    Bear Shola Falls

    Bear Shola Falls, 3 kilometers (2 mi) from the bus-stand, is a tall waterfall in a Reserve forest. The final approach to this quiet area is a gently climbing foot-path.

    Green Valley View / Suicide Point

    Green Valley View, (formerly called Suicide Point) 5.5 kilometers (3 mi) from the bus-stand and near the golf course, has an excellent panoramic view of the plains and a sheer drop of 1,500 meters (4,921 ft) overlooking the Vaigai Dam to the south. The stairway leading up to it is highly commercialized and lined with rows of shops to tempt tourists.

    Silver Cascade

    Silver Cascade

    Silver Cascade, 8 kilometers from Kodaikanal at a wide bend in the long and winding Laws Ghat Road, at altitude 1,800 meters, is a 55 meters waterfall formed from the outflow of Kodaikanal Lake.The water quality is reportedly poor and not good enough for bathing. This impressive waterfall is a popular stop for first-time visitors. There are a few souvenir and fruit vendors and many monkeys here. There is also a smaller but more serene waterfall below the bridge which crosses the stream here.

    Kurinji Andavar Murugan temple

    Kurinji Andavar Murugan temple

    Kurinji Andavar Murugan temple, 4 kilometers (2 mi) from the bus-stand, is famous for its Kurinji flower which blossoms in the area only once every 12 years. The deity here is called Sri Kurinji Easwaran, who is in fact Lord Murugan. This temple was built in 1936 by a European lady, who on coming to India, converted to Hinduism. She changed her name to Leelavathi and married a Mr.Ramanathan. She is also known as Lady Ramanathan. This temple is under the management of Arulmighu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Thiru Kovil, Palani.

    Shenbaganur Museum of Natural History

    Shenbaganur Museum of Natural History, 6 kilometers (4 mi) from the bus-stand, founded in 1895, is open to the public for viewing their outstanding taxidermy collection of more than 500 species of animals, birds and insects and a living collection of over 300 exotic orchid species. The museum is affliated with Loyola College in Chennai and exhibits artifacts of the ancient Palaiyar tribes people whose descendants still live in these hills.

    Kodaikanal Solar Observatory

    Kodaikanal Solar Observatory 6 kilometers (4 mi) from the bus-stand on Observatory Road, at 2,343 meters (7,687 ft) is the highest location near Kodai. The first observations were commenced here in 1901. Former Director John Evershed, discovered the phenomenon of radial motion in sunspots, now known as the Evershed effect. The Kodaikanal Terrestrial Telescope can view a grand panorama including: Sothupparai Dam, Vaigai Dam, Periyakulam and Varaha river. This Indian Institute of Astrophysics facility has a comprehensive Astronomical Science museum with organized public tours, access to the astronomy library, and scheduled night-time telescopic sky viewing. It is open daily to the public during peak season, and a few hours each Friday the rest of the year.

    How to get there ?


    The nearest airports are Madurai (135 kilometers), Trichy (200 kilometers) and Coimbatore (170 kilometers)


    The nearest Railway stations are Palani Railway Station (64 kilometers) north, Kodai Road Station (80 kilometers) south east and Dindigul Railway Junction (100 kilometers) east.


    The 2 - 3 hours drive to Kodaikanal via the steep and winding Ghat roads from Batlagundu or Palani is a memorable experience.


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