Uttaranchal Trekking

Uttaranchal is a state with a major chunk of area under forest cover and comprising mainly of hilly terrain, all the three Himalayan ranges, the greater, middle and lesser. Even after much of development, there are acres and acres of hilly terrains that are untouched and far away from the daily hustle bustle of crowds. That's where the trekkers step in. With so much of raw, natural wilderness, Uttaranchal is a trekker's paradise. There are places which are in their most primitive forms, in state of pure wilderness.

The kind of treks you will come across in Uttaranchal range from the easier ones to moderate and difficult ones, from heights varying from 2000 fts to 7000 fts approximately. The snow capped peaks, steep climbs, streams and lakes, all these in the trek route only make it more interesting. The fun of trekking lies in covering the land on foot, being as close as possible to what the land offers, to move at your pace observing closely. It is a physical challenge you take to reach a particular destination, over coming all that comes in between. The stakes are high, you are in an unknown territory. You are a nomad, carrying least possible things required. All this is what adds to the thrill and adventure of trekking. The fun part of trekking will suffer considerably if any of these are missing.

Every trek is unique in its own way, that's what makes it worth taking. You walk steeply uphill and then down hill, every day there is a set distance to cover, not to forget carrying 10 kgs on your back. Uttaranchal is just the kind of place where you will have this kind of thrill if you decide to under take a trek here.

Himalayas are stunningly beautiful, while you trek you just want to savour every sight that you see. Each view is better than the one gone before and at every step there is the curiosity to find what lays ahead. A close look at the flora and fauna, the alpine meadows, lines and lines of oak trees. It is not just a physical journey but also a cultural and spiritual one while you trek in Uttaranchal. It gives you that unique opportunity of meeting the Himalayan tribes, the mountain folk and knowing their lives from close by. A study of their customs and costumes is quite interesting. Treks to many glaciers and kunds that are considered spiritual are also enlightening experiences.

Popular Trek Routes In Uttaranchal

Most of the region in Uttaranchal is hills. There is so much to explore that you move in any direction, you are sure to run into a hilly terrain. But not every route might be as interesting, and as full of variety on its way. There are some popular treks which many trekkers undertake every year. In spite of so many trekkers actually trekking along the routes, they have not lost on any of their natural beauties. The reason is that there are many trek routes, each of the main trek routes is accompanied by several smaller ones. These are the easier ones, undertaken for more of fun of camping with friends, then there are routes which are moderate ones, they also judge your stamina, whether you are capable of taking more difficult ones or not. Then there are the strenuous ones strictly for the physically fit and with some previous experience.

Mussorie(2000 m) treks are the most popular treks with people who undertake trekking for fun. The queen of hill stations is the base camp for trekkers. You can undertake a trek from here to Dehradun (60 kms, 1800 ft), Dhantauli (26 kms, 2,600 ft) and Har Ki Dun (3506m). Uttarkashi (1158m) is one of the most beautiful places in Uttaranchal filled with panoramic views of Himalayas. It is the gateway to gods and is the base camp to the holy treks to Gangotri (3,048 m, 100 km), Bhojbasa (3,500 m, 14 km), Gaumukh (3,969 m, ) and Tapovan (4,200 m). There are other treks also from here to Yamunotri and Kedarnath and other places in the hills.

Nainital is one of the most famous hill resorts in Kumaon. Main treks from Nainital (1938 m) is to Snow View (2270 m) and Naukuchiya Tal(1800 m),

Apart from these, there are treks from Joshimath, Almora, Munsyari, Chowkari, Pauri and other places.

Tips, Organised Treks And Equipment

For details of trek routes one can contact Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam and Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam. Trekking trips are organised by these bodies in their respective districts, in which you can enroll. All the equipment (tents, rucksacks etc) are available with GMVN on hire.

Some tips for trekkers are to wear well fitted comfortable shoes, know some basic first aid, carry energy boosters like chocolates, candies, dry fruits, glucose etc. One should not walk too fast, or exhaust himself unnecessarily as this will not let you enjoy the trek.